An Introduction to Deliverance and Inner Healing: Understanding the underlying principles of cause and effect.

by Pastor/ Dr. Cindy Jordan

Ever wonder why negative patterns and cycles keep recurring in your life? Have you tried over and over to implement new lifestyle patterns, but they cannot seem to stick? I know, I have! It wasn’t until I understood the positive effect of Deliverance and Inner Healing, that I was able to break free from negative patterns in my life.
Many of us wonder around for years and years in dysfunctional lifestyle patterns that seem to lodge itself into our identity. For some of us we begin to accept these faulty behaviors as “my normal” or “my truth” when in fact they aren’t. As sons and daughters of God, we have inherited the ability to dissolve all negative patterns – through Deliverance and Inner Healing.
So, you ask: What is Deliverance and Inner Healing and how can get it? Well guess what you can have it, it’s free and all you have to do is gain an understanding of the strategy of implementation. Once you gain an understanding, apply its principles into your life and see negative lifestyle patterns replaced by Godly ones. Before we move forward, I must put forth this disclaimer. This is not a quick fix program nor is it a lifestyle change formula. This only works for disciples of Jesus Christ that are committed to discipline through prayer and fasting. We implement, God does the change.
A spiritual process of removing negative thoughts, perceptions, behaviors and familial distortions rooted through sin. Simply put, breaking loose from bondage into freedom.
Most of us tend to seek deliverance from two major areas in our lives – Cycles and Strongholds.
Cycles are patterns of negativity that repeat themselves throughout generations Gen 20:1-20. For example, have you noticed similar dysfunctions manifest in families (addiction, sickness, divorce etc.)? For deliverance to occur in our lives, we must get frustrated! We must get to a place where we no longer accept negativity as our normal and we must have a desperate desire to want freedom. In order to break free from cycles we must:
● Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ (Romans 10:13)
● Repent from past sins (1 John 1:19)
● Renounce all cycles from your life in the name of Jesus (Psalm 37:27)
● Ask the Holy Spirit to heal those areas that were once broken through sin (Isaiah 41:10)

These steps should be done in order as each one builds upon the next. There aren’t any set rules of how many times one should complete these steps and for how long. Once they are done through prayer with an earnest heart, the Holy Spirit will supernaturally break cycles of addiction, sickness, unforgiveness, rejection etc.
Another common form of spiritual enslavement that most people struggle with are strongholds. Strongholds are habitual behaviors and schemas that’s rooted in faulty perceptions. A person that always see the worst in a situation while everyone sees some level of positivity can possibly be dealing with a mental stronghold. These strongholds are so dangerous to all disciples of Jesus, as they can ultimately prevent a person from accepting the truth of who God has called them to be. Strongholds are formed through past traumas that cause people to question the divinity and power of God. This causes a downward spiral of self-dependency which can lead to living an unfulfilled life. We all need God, especially when working toward breaking free from strongholds. So how do we break free from strongholds? Well they are the same steps to breaking cycles.
After a person avails themselves to allow the Holy Spirit to deliver them from cycles and strongholds the battle is now half completed, inner healing must take place next. Many people fall short of their complete deliverance because they tend to stop right here. Let’s logically think about it, if you undergo surgery to remove or rectify medical problems, there is usually a healing or recovery phase that follows. The medical practitioner is usually very adamant that a person adheres to this stage for the effectiveness of the surgery to be manifested. This same concept applies to spiritual healing after deliverance.
Inner healing is a transformation process that renovates those areas where deliverance took place. For example, the Holy Spirit comes in and delivers us from unforgiveness and heals us so we can forgive. Inner healing restores us to place of completeness, so we can walk freely in our divine purpose. It’s like getting your discharge documents from a hospital!
God wants all of us to be delivered and healed- it is not just for some people or the most spiritual, it is for all of us. We are all approved by the God to undergo deliverance and inner healing. I must end by saying, the idea of deliverance and inner healing must be ingrained into our spiritual lifestyle, it is not necessarily a one-time deal but a continuous practice. We all fall short at times and so we must maintain our deliverance and inner healing. Here are some recommendations for doing so:
● Be consistent in prayer
● Adopt self-control from former maladaptive lifestyle behaviors
● Ready and study your bible for Godly instructions, the Word of God heals and restores
● Develop a heart of forgiveness. Unforgiveness causes breeches in our deliverance and healing
● Renew your mind by focusing on God’s word. If you win the battle in the mind, sin will not manifest into actions.
Remember God wants us all to be free from cycles and strongholds. So, don’t be afraid to walk out deliverance and inner healing in your Christian life. If you are still unsure of how to start or where to begin, seek counsel from Godly leaders that understand the power of deliverance and inner healing. For more information contact Going Places with Jesus Ministries at or Click here to visit us as at

Pastor/Dr. Cindy Jordan. Ph.D.


Pastor, Dr. Cindy Jordan. A  dedicated woman of God. She stands on the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and holds fast to the ideology of reaching people using a comprehensive approach. Pastor, Dr. Jordan obtained her BA, MA and PhD in Social Sciences. Pastor, Dr. Jordan was called to ministry at the age of sixteen and has served in many areas of ministry leading up to her taking on the mantle of Pastor. Today she operates in ministry as Pastor, Prophet, Mentor, and Teacher. Her heart is dedicated to the caring and outreach of those within the community that are unable to be self-sufficient.




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